StartupCity.Pro Lifestyle Internet Business Online Academy First Presentation 05 apr 2014 BeeHive Varna

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10.00 am

 Lifestyle Internet Business Online Academy
First Open Presentation

 IMPORTANT: If you do not know English, this is not for you!

Presented by Stanislav Minev

Presentation Overview

What is startupcity ?
Who are you and why should I follow your advice ?
What have you achieved with this so far ?
Who is this training suitable for ?
Who is this training not suitable for ?
Why is there a need for this training ? is required of me to succeed ?
Do I have what it takes to be successful with this ?
What is the format of the training ?
What are the requirements ?
Are there any rules ?
What happens if I fail ?
I don’t have what it takes ?
My background is not in IT, can I still enter ?
What are the benefits of the course ?
What will the end results be ?
Will I be successful ?
How much does it cost to be part of the training ?
What can you guarantee me ?
Is there a refund policy ?
Why is the training so cheap ?
What happens if I start, but at some point I stop practicing ?
How will this training benefit my life ?
If I enter the training, but I do not apply it in practice, will there be results ?
What can I achieve with this training ?
Why lifestyle internet business instead of a startup ?
What is a startup ?
What is a lifestyle internet business ?
What is the difference between the two and why is this training focused on lib instead of startups ?
If I have a startup, will this training be useful for me ?
How much time will it take ?
How much do I need to invest in order to succeed ?
I do not have any money, can I still enter ?
Is this suitable for total newbies ?
Business model canvas basics
What is business model canvas ?
How do we use it in the course ?
Self assessment basics
Goals, expectations & dreams
Why are goals important ?
Dreams, what do you mean ?
I do not have dreams, what can I do about it ?
Expectations, what is this and why do I need it ?
Self assessment questions and why do I need this ?
Personal SWOT analysis and how it can help me achieve my goals?
What are my Strengths ?
What are my weaknesses ?
What are my opportunities ?
What Threats are out there ?
Mind state & rewards
What is a mind state and how does it affect my life ?
Why are rewards important ?
Examples of different mind state models
Can I change my mindstate and expectations ?

Next steps
What’s coming up next ?



Where: BeeHive
Address: bul. Gen Kolev 54, fl.6, ap.22
10.00 am

Call for questions: 0878 73 65 25 Stani

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